Vito Russo Moliterni

Web Developer

About Me

I come from a Country shaped like a boot and I like to tinker with software and stuff. I am always excited about coding, free (as in free speech) software, and new challenges.

My first computer was a Commodore 64, and I remember the sense of awe that struck me when my dad brought it home: I have been fascinated with technology ever since.

After deciding to get into programming, I kinda fell in web development, and I realised that it was making me feel the same fuzzy feelings of awe and excitement of that first computer connected to the old CRT TV in my living room.

In my free time, when I am away from a keyboard, I enjoy tabletop games, reading novels and comicbooks, cooking, and wandering around in nature.



Still under development, musichino is a Telegram bot that sends a message to the user when one of their favourite artists releases a new album.

Built with ASP.NET Core, using Telegram bot APIs and Musicbrainz APIs.

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Boardgames with React

A small project to teach myself some React.

It's basically a todo list app, but about boardgames instead, because boardgames are awesome.

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My Cantina Core

This is a completely rewritten version of my final project for my Certificate IV in Programming: an app to manage a wine collection.

The back end layer is a RESTful API built with .NET Core and WebAPI 2, while Entity Framework Core manages the conncetion with a MS SQL database. I'm working to add a front end layer on top of it, using one of those cool JavaScript frameworks.

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Small project created to experiment with API calls, Ajax, and JavaScript. It's a search tool for Wikipedia articles.

I wanted the search function to look for results as the user types, to give an immediate response to the user's input.

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Course Enquiry System

This was the group project I worked on during my Diploma at TAFE: a fully functional web app to manage courses, enquiries, and interaction between prospect students and TAFE staff.

I worked mostly on the back end, built with .NET Core, Entity Framework Core, MS SQL, MVC Core, designing a few of the core functionalities (creating new courses, their revisions, and the approval process to their publication).